Results of Cunt Contest

As promised, I am including the results of yesterday’s Cunt Poll in today’s chapter. My sincere thanks to all 32 of you who have voted in the past 24 hours. If you are reading this and didn’t vote at the end of the last chapter, please take a second to go back to cast your vote. The poll will remain open and we will revisit the results at the end of the blog. Remember the poll is set up in such a way that only 1 vote counts per IP address. As much as you’d love to give BS hundreds and thousands of votes, sadly only 1 vote will count per person.


With an astonishing 62% of the votes, BS wins hands down as the biggest cunt in the blog. He received 20 votes. And no, these weren’t all from me. As I said, the poll only allowed 1 vote per person. If I was allowed to vote for BS more than once, his number of votes would have been in 7 figures, at least.

In second place, coming in with a not too shabby 25%, is MBB AKA CUNT. He received 8 votes. This is probably due to the information I ‘elected’ to release about him in yesterday’s episode.

Finally, with 13%, Sean wins the bronze medal. This was the most interesting result for me. There are some of you (4 people) who actually believe that Sean was a bigger cunt than BS and MBB AKA CUNT. I guess some of you think that Sean is a bit like a fart, in that sometimes the silent ones are the most deadly.

I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere thanks to my special friend Sam who has volunteered to bake a cunt cake for BS as a prize for winning the cunt contest. Once the cake is baked and iced I will take a photo and upload it to the blog before we have it couriered over to BS’s apartment. I would also like to congratulate BS on winning this coveted prize and for being the biggest cunt in this blog, and possibly of all time.

Incidentally, somebody viewed the blog yesterday from the Seychelles. If this is you, can you please identify yourself by commenting in the comment box below. Otherwise I will have to assume that BS is off sunning himself (again).


Now, back to the blog.

3K Any Good To Ya?

Weeks pass and still no sign of the legal action I was ‘promised’ in my last paper airplane. I was unsure what was happening. Would I or wouldn’t I have an exciting day in town shopping for a new suit, or would it be business as usual.

On the 21st January 2014, over a month after receiving the Everyone Shites love letter part deux, I received this email from Sean:

Sean’s email regarding Loan Note. Note the presence of the word ‘assets’ and the absence of the word ‘business’.

So, what the hell did this mean? Sean was obviously willing to give me something, albeit a derisory amount. Otherwise he was going to transfer the assets of to his company. Why was this? To what use could these assets be put in his company? The rest of the business; website, goodwill, IP, customer database etc. would still remain the property of Stenson Institute (trading as Why would he separate them? What would he do with the camera and broadcasting equipment ? Was he in cahoots with the dwarves to set up the first dwarf porn website in history? That would be a first, I suppose. Dwarf porn, hmmmmmm. I am becoming sexually aroused even at the thought.

Unsure as to what he was playing at, the insult of offering me €3k overshadowed this question. I replied back saying that I was not prepared to accept this pitiful amount, given the two and a half years work I had put into this company, not to mention the fact that the whole company was my idea in the first place.

EGM – Abrakedabra and Paul Is Gone!

On 27th January 2014, I received the following:


I was confused. Sean & Co. now wanted to transfer the assets AND BUSINESS of from Stenson Institute Ltd. to his company Moreland Investments Ltd. But hang on, this is not what he said in his email, nor is it what was outlined in the loan note. He can’t do this? The loan note says his company can have the assets, but it says NOTHING about the business. See relevant section in loan note:

Again note the presence of the word ‘assets’ and the absence of the word ‘business’.

If Sean & Co. were able to take the assets and the business from Stenson Institute and bring it over to Moreland Investments, they could simply pick up from where we left off and run without me under the new umbrella of Moreland. It would remove me completely from the equation. I know you are thinking now that I was happy to be removed from the equation completely a few months back, but that was while I still had Learnology! Now Learnology was gone (because of Sean & Co.) and this ‘transfer’ would mean would also be ‘taken’ from me.

As you can see in the EGM notice, they were proposing that the sale/transfer would be considered an ordinary resolution of the company. For those of you who don’t know what that is, it’s simply that the resolution could be passed at the EGM by a simple show of hands. So, Sean, BS and Cillian raise their pinkies and hey presto, Paul vanishes.

This worried me a little. But then I decided to take out the Shareholder’s Agreement to see if I could find any protection for me in here. The Shareholder’s Agreement was a load of legal horse manure. Again a document written in Arabic would be easier to understand. But I managed to pick out a section under which I was protected.

Here was my condom:



I know what you’re thinking and it’s probably along the lines of “What the hell does all that mean?” Well, my understanding is as follows:

In order for the business of the company (never mind the assets, Sean had rightful claim on these) to be sold to Sean’s company, there needed to be approval by the holders of 75% of the issued share capital in the company. As I owned 28.19% of the company, the max they would be able to reach is 71.81% and therefore the sale would not be allowed.

Phew! I was safe! There was no way this could be done.

However, the next day I got another email from Sean with an attachment entitled ‘Termination of the Shareholder’s Agreement’. See below:




The lads were really taking the piss here. How the fuck could they casually decide that the Shareholders Agreement be terminated, in a kind of ‘by the way’ type fashion? Surely this needed approval by me too?

As you can see at the end of the letter, they request my consent to transfer the business over to Moreland Investments. They did not have my consent.

Notwithstanding the fact that they didn’t have my consent, the EGM went ahead and both the assets and business of Stenson Institute Ltd. were transferred to Sean’s company, Moreland Investments Ltd. To this day I don’t believe that the Shareholder’s Agreement was legally terminated and therefore believe that the sale of the business of Stenson Institute, with or without my consent, was also illegal.

The fact of the matter is, the lads knew they were not legally entitled to either (a) transfer the business or (b) cancel the Shareholder’s Agreement. I called my solicitor and asked her could they actually do this. She replied by saying: ‘they can try anything Paul, the question is are you prepared to fight them”. By fighting them, she meant seeking an injunction to prevent them from doing this. I asked her how much this would cost, and she said that I wouldn’t have much change out of €15k.

Sean and BS knew that I didn’t have this kind of money to spare. So, fully aware that what they were doing was against the law, and safe in the knowledge that I didn’t have the financial wherewithal to block them, they went ahead and removed me from the company I founded, and carried on with the company, minus yours truly. I had now lost both Learnology and


Now that they had transferred the assets over to to Moreland Investments (which I admit was legal), they needed to physically get their hands on these assets. But where were they? You guessed right. They were in my gaff.

The tango was a dance I always wanted to learn. Now was a perfect time for me to take up this new hobby.

Next Chapter – Chapter 20: Give Me The Assets or You’re Fucking Dead and The Hackers Attack

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