Thanks a trillion for visiting my blog. I am currently out in Spain finishing it off. Yes, I have taken a week in Spain to do this. IMAGINE! This is how important it is for me to tell my story. A story about how I founded an online company that was going to revolutionize the Irish grinds industry. A story about how I subsequently lost said company due to the greed of the pricks I took on to help me in the first place.

The blog should be published at some point during the week beginning Monday 9th June. If you give a shit, you will find it here. If you don’t give a shit, well I guess you can go back to doing whatever you were doing before you stumbled across this page.

About the Author PaulVStenson

I am the manager of The White Moose Cafe and Charleville Lodge in Dublin, Ireland. I believe that you only live once. I believe that life should be enjoyed. I don't see the point in whinging and moaning. I see myself as someone who speaks the truth. The truth doesn't seem to suit everybody's agenda, so I am labelled with the term 'controversial'.

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