We have been contacted a third time by the Institute of Education (IOE) who have again requested that their profile be removed from our website The IOE is the only grind provider in Ireland who has requested to be removed from the site. All other grind schools have embraced the opportunity to be honestly and candidly rated and reviewed by students and parents. Why should the IOE be any different? Why do they want to be exempt from this process?

Below is the third email we have received from David Ball, Business Development Manager at the IOE, and our email of response by Paul Stenson, Founder of

Email Number 3 From The Institute

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Dave's email to me

Email from David J Ball of the Institute of Education

Response Number 3 From Us

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Response email from Paul Stenson of


The Institute of Education does not want to allow their services to be honestly and candidly rated and reviewed by students and parents. They feel they should be exempt from an evaluation website which every other grind school in Ireland is happy to be part of.

In your opinion, should we remove the Institute of Education profile from, or should their profile remain on our site so their school can be rated and reviewed, just like ever other grind provider in the country?



If and when you leave a review on, we ask that you be 100% honest about your experience with the grind provider. Your name will be shown on your review which sets us apart from other, anonymous review websites.

To view The Institute of Education profile on, click here.

If you are a student or parent and would like to register on our site, click here.

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