Yes. They have contacted us AGAIN in relation to their profile on www.GrindsAdvisor.ie.

Here is the email we received this evening (click on email to zoom in):

hisletterto me

Here is my reply (again, click on email to zoom in):

myletter to him

Our friends at the Institute have obviously never heard about the phenomenon that is the Streisand effect. Indeed, I hadn’t heard about it myself until last week. Despite what you might think, it has nothing to do with Barbra (sadly).

If you didn’t catch the first episode of the Institute series (first email received), you can catch up by clicking here. This is going to be a great box set for your Christmas sock, believe me ;).

Paulie Waulie

P.S. At this stage I am well-used to receiving love letters from my dear Arthur. There is actually one in this blog. You are welcome to read it, if you like. It may give you a laugh, but then again I can’t guarantee that. To read it, click here (it’s in the middle of the chapter).

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